Monday, December 30, 2013

Cheap Thrills at Café France

One Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves hungry and tired from a day of shopping and going around the mall. We were on a budget so I looked for a place that won’t cost us so much. I saw the breads at Café France and told MB that we should just eat there. Here’s what we got;



The first photo is dark chocolate croissant with chopped almonds. The photo above is chicken bechamel. These were my orders. My husband ordered this coffee bun:


Our bill was a little over Php100. Service was great. They automatically gave us some water when they brought our orders. They also heated the breads aside from the croissant which I didn’t want to be heated. I like the fact that although we didn’t order from the main menu and just ordered from the bake shop, they still accommodated us nicely. We ate at Café France SM Makati. Will surely go there again.


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