Saturday, June 2, 2018

National Bookstore Back-to-School Fair in Glorietta

We dropped by the back-to-school fair by NBS in Glorietta today. Here are pics.

I think all of the products here are available in most NBS branches. 

You and your kids can color here using color pencils. 

This is the booth that was most fun as they made all these iconic Filipino food using paper!

Some of the Bic crayons are on sale.

I've waited so long for Paper Mate to arrive here but got disappointed with the price. 

Was it worth visiting? For a busy mom, I'd say no. If you need to buy your school supplies, go directly to your favorite branch. You can shop quickly and easily there. If you love specialty pens and paper, then it's worth a visit. It would have been better if they had special discounts, promos and even prizes. I think there will be another fair in Trinoma next weekend. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Butterfly Unit Study

I'm so excited about this Butterfly Unit Study. We bought a few pupas last Friday and one of them hatched yesterday. 

She decided to rest on the envelope that contained our insects and animal figures. 

I wasn't planning on doing the unit study today but I guess it was time because of the pupa hatching. Thankfully, I have all the materials that I need. I spend some time daily to look for ideas, topics and materials that we can use for our homeschool so that when the time comes, I have everything I need. 

I prepared these while the little one was sleeping

First, we talked about where the butterflies live. I got these Habitat poster cards from Brittany of Happy Little Hearts. This is a great intro to habitats as we will discuss that when we start our second grade lessons. I showed a bunch of habitats and asked him if a butterfly could live there. 

Then we talked about the life cycle. These are from the Pinay Homeschooler

Then we read about the life cycle. 

We talked about the patterns on the wings.

This is a puzzle piece from the Frank Animal Patterns set. 

Next, he did a puzzle. 

I asked him to cut up the pictures. Gotta have some fine motor work practice!

Then he stuck them in order. I always use double sided tape for interactive notebooks. No mess, no fuss. This printable is from Naturally Creative Classroom.

Then we discussed the different parts of a butterfly. These are also from the Pinay Homeschooler

These are the books we used. I put Post-its on the cover to remind myself how to use the books. 

I asked him to put the correct labels on the body parts. 

This is a self-checking activity as I asked him to check his answers using the labeled cards.

Next, we discussed the butterfly's predators. Yes, even the monkey likes to snack on butterflies from time to time. 

Then he labeled the parts of the butterfly in his notebook. 

These printables are from Raise the Bar Reading.

These puzzle cards are from the Butteflies book I got from the Scholastic Book Buffet last year. 

Finally, I asked him to design his own butterfly. And of course, it was Minions inspired!

Hope you found ideas for your own Butterfly Unit Study. To save these ideas for later, just pin the image below.