Saturday, January 31, 2015

Housewarming Gift Idea


My best friend Ahne bought a house. I am so excited for her. I couldn’t wait for her housewarming party so I sent her my gift in advance. I just told her that it’s Christmas in January.

I know that her budget is shot so I decided to give her very practical things that she can use around the house. Here’s what I got her.



First, snacks! I know she likes to snack in the afternoon when she is already toxic from work and my favorite Calbee snack will do the trick. She also looooves Ferrero so I got her this box.


This is a scented candle in Honeydew scent. I love scented candles and I like giving them as gifts.


I love the packaging on this hand soap. I haven’t tried this brand yet but I’m pretty sure it’s okay.


Gorilla Glue is my favorite super glue. I thought this would be handy.


This is a box of magic sponges. You just apply water on the sponge and scrub, scrub, scrub. I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve read mixed reviews about them.


This is a set of 3 wipes – 2 microfiber cloths and one scrub sponge.


I got her this pot and pan scrub. This is very useful! No more hard scrubbing. I am loving this item. Now I don’t dread washing pans.


Kitchen towels are always welcome in my house.


Spic and Span is my new favorite cleanser as it kills bacteria and viruses such as E. Coli, flu, etc.


I also made this finance binder for us as we need to focus more on our finances this year and whip them into shape.


I put everything  in a green Daiso basket. Most of the items are green, if you’ve noticed as that’s her favorite color. I used 2 cellophane sheets as the ones I got were pre-cut and the basket just won’t fit. I then tied a pink ribbon with flower embroidery. I sent her the basket which she got in 10 minutes! She was so happy with it! I guess that’s mission accomplished for me then!

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Birthday Gift Idea - SIL

My SIL’s birthday is coming up and here’s what I got for her.


I got a pink and white basket and filled it with some goodies. I got this Anna Sui-esque pink mirror, Silk body cream in Vanilla Cupcake which smells really yum, some Hello Kitty chocolate biscuits, M&M cookies, Tim Tam wafers and


this Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose and this strawberry coin purse which I also got in Baguio.


The Silk body cream is my current favorite for home use. The Nivea lip butter is also my current favorite. More on these products soon.

I just wrapped the whole basket with clear cellophane and tied a ribbon and shipped it off to her.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It has been crazy this week! I’m finding it hard to sit down and write a good post. I’ve been very busy. Add to the fact that I injured my back. I was looking for something the other day then I just suddenly felt this searing pain near my tailbone. It’s getting better though thanks to lots of rest. Anyway, V-Day is just a hop, skip and jump away! I used to ignore Valentine’s. I just always thought it was corny until one V-day when my husband surprised me with a Valentine’s cake! We don’t do Valentine’s and my husband does not do gifts on his own especially spontaneous gifts. So, from them on, I started treating Valentine’s day as somewhat special. We still won’t go out for a romantic date but I try to do little things for him. Now that we have a little one, he can join in on the fun.

So, my SIL is coming home this Sunday and I totally forgot about the date. I was thinking the Feb is still light years away and then one morning I realized that Feb 1 is on Sunday so I panicked because I needed to prepare presents for them. It’s her birthday too and I already got her a present but V-Day, I only have one or two. I needed to send her the gifts because they are based in Singapore so time was of the essence.

So if you find yourself in the same situation, here are 3 gift ideas for you.

This one is for my cute nephew. Love this heart gift bag.


I filled it with goodies such as Goldfish crackers, M&M’s cookies, some Koala cookies and Tim Tam wafers. I’m not sure if he is ready/allowed to eat these things but what the heck. It’s V-Day and some chocolate is needed! My son and I love these snacks, by the way.


I also included this shape sorter which I contemplated removing from the packaging but decided not to. There are 2 sets in one pack. I just placed a heart sticker to close the bag and wrote a note.


This one is for my SIL. The Chinese takeout box is from my gift wrapping stash. That’s another heart sticker. I just filled this with Loacker wafers, some M&M’s and some red Hello Kitty candies.


I also put this strawberry keychain which is really purple. I don’t know what the camera did. I got this keychain in Baguio.


This one is for my BIL… bless his heart. I always don’t know what to give him! It’s just so hard to figure out what he likes. Sometimes when I think I got him all figured out, it all blows up in my face. So I think food is a safe gift. I got this blue basket at the last minute, same as the heart gift bag. I ran out of heart stickers so I just stuck a paper tag with a note on the wrapper.


I put some Pepero and Tim Tam wafers and biscuits.


I wrapped the two gifts in clear V-day wrap with heart print. The Chinese takeout box, I left as is. I then shipped everything to the province.

Lady E’s Quick Tip

I have a gift closet which I fill with various gifts all throughout the year. I can easily get last minute presents. I only need to buy some candy or chocolate to go with the presents. This V-Day project was a FAIL because I totally forgot about the date but most of what I need was already in my stash.
I hope you had some inspiration for your own V-Day gifts. I will show you what I got for my SIL’s birthday in my next post so watch out for that.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Alphabet Activities – Letter D


Are you teaching your little one the ABC’s? Here is one easy activity for the letter D. You just need a piece of paper, a crayon and a plastic letter like this one. Just trace the letter and color it in. I helped my son trace the letters. Bigger kids can do this on their own. They can also decorate the letter D with stickers, glitter, etc.


I also got this plastic block with the small letter D to make him familiar with it but for now, we just stick to capital letters.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Daiso Essentials and Latest Haul

It’s been a while since I last shopped at Daiso so I thought I’d visit the store and stock up on my essentials.


Kitchen towels are affordable here so I always get them.


The first batch of laundry balls that I bought worked so well so I thought I’d add a few more. My son also gets a kick out of playing with these. The colorful ones make him squeal with delight.


This is the first time that I’m trying their hand soap. It’s okay and it’s a big bottle for only Php88 so it’s a good buy. We go through hand soaps like crazy.


I also stock up on sponges as I change them out frequently. Cute colors and good quality.


These are my regular cotton pads. They are a staple in my vanity. 2 boxes for Php88.


Yes, the cute packaging got me. The tissue is okay though. Good buy for 88 pesos for 4 boxes.


are the best ice trays ever! It’s effortless to remove the ice. The one that we have broke because of overuse so we got a new one.


Here are a few more things that I got.


This is a Hello Kitty plastic zip pouch which I will use for my toiletries when I travel.


This pump bottle is for the shower gel refills that I have that don’t come in a pump bottle. I will buy another 2 more for my son’s bath stuff.


I couldn’t resist this Mickey Mouse rice scooper.


My son loves trains and he is familiar with the shinkansen. These hand towels are on sale for only Php25 each so I got 2.  He was so excited when I showed him this.


I also got a Hello Kitty kitchen towel.


This is Mickey and Minnie foil which I will use to wrap gifts.


Lightning cups and chopsticks for my son.


These are wood display shelves which I will use for a DIY project soon.


These are for display purposes.



I love snow globes. I used to have a collection when I was a kid but most of them broke. I will display this one on Christmas. I will probably get more of these.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Toddler Activity – Chopsticks (18 Months)

My son loves to do activities so I make sure to prepare activities for him daily. We did this activity back when he was around 14-15 months old.


I just got a Styrofoam board, a cup and chopsticks. I stuck several chopsticks on the board. He kept pulling them out and placing them in the cup. So, I got rid of the cardboard box and emptied the cup. He had fun putting the sticks back in. He tried this activity a few times then got bored with it.

WARNING: Chopsticks are dangerous to play with when you leave the child unsupervised. I categorized this activity for an 18-month-old because then the child would be more mature. My son is a bit more mature for his age that is why we were able to do this activity at an early age. He knows that the sticks can hurt him or poke his eyes. Talk to your child first before doing this activity. If your child still likes putting things in his mouth, skip this activity. I never left my son while he did this activity. When he was done, I immediately put them back where they belonged.

There are many variations to this activity. You can practice counting, colors, lines, shapes, etc. Be creative to make an activity last longer.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Craft Time – Cardboard Road

Do you remember this post about energy food?  Well, I didn’t want to get rid of the box and my son was getting bored that day. He loves to play with different kinds of toy vehicles and I thought giving him a “road” to play on would be great.


I started with this box. I cut both the top sides (left and right) open then I spread it out to get the longest length.


Then I trimmed the excess to make one long rectangular piece. I then got some black art paper and wrapped the two ends. In the middle, I got some black poster paper because I ran out of art paper and I also wanted the different texture.


I then cut some rectangles from a bond paper and glued them to make the lines on the road.


My son couldn’t wait to try it out. Good thing the glue held. I just used regular school glue. It was Bic, I think.  He uses it to make his cars line up, as a road and as a plane runway.


Until now he still uses this cheap toy that I made. This is already several months old. The great thing about this is that it’s foldable because of the natural flaps of the box. It’s easy to store.

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