Monday, January 19, 2015

Toddler Activity – A is for Apple (16 Months)


This is another simple activity for your little one. We started doing this when he was 13 months old. At that time, he still couldn’t paste the apples onto the tree so I did that part. The way I saw it, I started this activity early because I wanted him to practice. I put glue on the apples and handed them to him. He was the one who decided where to put each one. I just used card stock for the tree. I wrote the letter A on the corner. I used my coloured paper to cut out some apples.

My son is crazy about crocodiles but this one is an alligator. He still calls it croc but for this lesson, it was an alligator. Now that my son is an expert at sticking things, this activity is perfect for him. I think we will revisit it soon but with another letter.

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A is for Apple Activity

card stock
red paper

1. Draw a tree on the card stock. Write the letter A on the corner.
2. Cut out apples from the red paper.
3. Apply glue on the apples and let your little one stick them on the tree.
4. You can start by saying the letter A and pointing it. You can trace it with your child’s finger.
4. Then explain that this is an apple tree but the apples are missing so he needs to stick the apples. A is for apple.
5. Further activity – ask what color the apple is, what color the tree is (leaves, trunk, branches)

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