Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baguio Food Adventures

My sister and I love food but we were on a budget for this trip so we didn’t really have much adventures. The great thing about Baguio is that the food is very affordable and the veggies are very fresh. Here are some food snapshots.


These are from Rose Bowl Restaurant. We met my sister’s friend there and had lunch. We went here right after we dropped off our luggage in the hotel.  The photo above is chicken mami. I didn’t like this as it was too gamey.


We ordered the Lion Rice. It consists of rice, lechon kawali and vegetables. The lechon kawali was bland. Actually everything was too bland for my taste. The vegetables were super fresh. One serving is a lot and I wasn’t able to finish the veggies.


This is my son’s plate of lumpiang shanghai. We loved this. My son had 5 pieces,  I think,


Back at the hotel for dinner, we ate the chicken adobo I packed and ordered some more food. The menu was cheap so we had to try. This is their version of fish and chips. The chips were soggy and swimming in oil. The tilapia was too small and they just carved out the middle part and fried them. I’d have to say false advertising on this one. It looked really good on the photo. This tasted okay. They said it came with some tartar sauce but it was just ketchup and mayo.


We ordered this saba and mais con hielo for dessert but it was too sweet for me. My son and husband shared it.


The fried rice was blah. Tasteless and lifeless. Yeah, lifeless. Good thing we only paid a little over 200 pesos for the entire meal.


For one of our lunches, we decided to get take away food from SM because my son had to stay in the hotel as he had a temp the night before. We got some Bon Chon food. I tried the Seoul Fried Rice which I didn’t like. My husband seemed to like it though. Mom got us some biko which I really liked. My son liked it too.


My sister got the seafood platter. I got some fish, shrimps and calamari. I only tried the fish. Sadly, I broke out into hives. My husband and son shared the rest. My sister also got some fresh strawberries from the market. My husband and son shared those as well.


I wasn’t able to take a photo of our other breakfasts as I forgot my camera. We had breakfast buffets daily. This was my plate. There are two kinds of longganiza, some egg drop soup and a well-done egg.


On our last day, we decided to brave the lines at Cafe by the Ruins. We ordered the best sellers, spareribs sinigang with mountain rice and dried crispy tapa with mountain rice and tomatoes.


I would say that this was a bad decision. We didn’t like the food at all. My son didn’t like it as well. We waited 25 minutes to be seated and waited another 40+ minutes for the food to arrive. Even though we were starving, we still couldn’t finish the food.

IMG_0817 Dirty bowl! Chef Ramsey would go berserk!


I paid around Php700+ for the food. We normally don’t mind paying a lot for good food but this was a terrible experience. Sayang my 700 pesos. Was the food good? It was okay. Was it worth waiting over an hour for? Definitely not!

We arrived back home in the wee hours of the morning. We woke up late and I decided to just order some McDonald’s.


Did you know that they now offer bacon? You can add it as an upgrade for 25 pesos which is too expensive in my opinion. I just tried it.


And that concludes our Baguio food adventures. More on Baguio in my next post!


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