Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Daiso Essentials and Latest Haul

It’s been a while since I last shopped at Daiso so I thought I’d visit the store and stock up on my essentials.


Kitchen towels are affordable here so I always get them.


The first batch of laundry balls that I bought worked so well so I thought I’d add a few more. My son also gets a kick out of playing with these. The colorful ones make him squeal with delight.


This is the first time that I’m trying their hand soap. It’s okay and it’s a big bottle for only Php88 so it’s a good buy. We go through hand soaps like crazy.


I also stock up on sponges as I change them out frequently. Cute colors and good quality.


These are my regular cotton pads. They are a staple in my vanity. 2 boxes for Php88.


Yes, the cute packaging got me. The tissue is okay though. Good buy for 88 pesos for 4 boxes.


are the best ice trays ever! It’s effortless to remove the ice. The one that we have broke because of overuse so we got a new one.


Here are a few more things that I got.


This is a Hello Kitty plastic zip pouch which I will use for my toiletries when I travel.


This pump bottle is for the shower gel refills that I have that don’t come in a pump bottle. I will buy another 2 more for my son’s bath stuff.


I couldn’t resist this Mickey Mouse rice scooper.


My son loves trains and he is familiar with the shinkansen. These hand towels are on sale for only Php25 each so I got 2.  He was so excited when I showed him this.


I also got a Hello Kitty kitchen towel.


This is Mickey and Minnie foil which I will use to wrap gifts.


Lightning cups and chopsticks for my son.


These are wood display shelves which I will use for a DIY project soon.


These are for display purposes.



I love snow globes. I used to have a collection when I was a kid but most of them broke. I will display this one on Christmas. I will probably get more of these.

I will post more hauls soon. I’ve just been very busy. If you liked this post, please subscribe to my mailing list on the right so that you won’t miss any updates. Thanks!


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