Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mom’s Energy Food

I have totally embraced snacking when I got pregnant. I used to just eat 3 square meals a day but that all changed. Now, I cannot thrive without having some morning and afternoon snack. Most of the time, I can skip the morning snack but the afternoon snack is an absolute must. Here are a few of my regular energy food.


These are Growers NutriBar. I don’t recall tasting any nuts even though Growers is known for their nuts. I’m not sure. It has been a long time since I ate one of these as they are expensive! These are cereal bars with chocolate chips. They are still cheaper than Quaker though.


Sweet potato chips are always a hit for snack time. Both my husband and son love them.


Finally, when I’m really starving, I get a small portion of some leftover pasta and a tortilla and I’ll have the energy until it’s time to cook dinner.

What are your favorite energy foods?

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