Thursday, January 15, 2015

In-Shower Skin Conditioning

I have super dry skin so I need all the help I can get especially during this cold season. I saw this product at the supermarket and thought I’d give it a try.


I am very lazy to apply lotion when I’m at home. I’m always in a rush, doing one chore after another. I also don’t like the sticky feeling of lotion when I’m not in an air conditioned space. I thought this product would be the answer.

What you do is you apply the lotion all over your body while you’re in the shower and then you rinse it off. It’s that easy. On my first try, I thought of letting the product “soak” a little but that was a mistake. It was so hard to remove. Actually, if you are not used to old school Dove soaps, you will find this a bit unpleasant. It’s like you still have soap/oil all over your body and no matter what you do, it doesn’t come off. But, as you dry off, that feeling goes away. It leaves my skin smooth but not the whole day.

It is a very expensive product and I think I will just stick to regular lotions. Until now this just sits on my vanity, waiting to be used again. I will, perhaps, try again soon.


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