Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Surprise Date Night


You know how they say to keep the fires alive in a marriage? Well, if you are new parents, you certainly need to do that otherwise you will just treat your spouse as a room mate or a buddy that will lend you a helping hand when it comes to chores and taking care of the baby.

Even though we are very busy, my husband and I try to find time to spend with each other sans the little one. We go on dates once a month and that all started with this little surprise.

A few months ago, I surprised him with this envelope.


I asked my son to give it to him. They were both tickled pink. My son, thinking that he has something special for his dad and my husband, anxiously anticipating what’s inside the envelope for him.


Inside are movie gift cards and a Taters gift card good for some popcorn and drinks. I also wanted to add a dinner gift card but the restaurant ran out of gc’s so I just told him that we will have dinner too. My husband was so happy and excited when he saw the contents. He immediately asked, “what about our son?” and I told him that it has all been taken care of. That was a great date night and we have been having regular dates ever since. I have a few more ideas for date night but I need some time to prepare. I will share them with you once I get around to doing them.

What do you do for date night?


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