Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toddler Road Trip Activity Bag


For those of you who are wondering what activities I packed for my little one for our road trip, here they are!

I started with a big sturdy bag that had lots of compartments. Then I filled it with these.


I put some rubber number puzzles and pom poms in a ziploc bag. For a busy mom like me, ziploc bags are a staple. They keep everything organized. I also brought his write and wipe book. I got him these two Sesame Street Books a few days before the trip and decided to bring them as they are small enough for travel. These are pop-up books which he likes. I also brought some flash cards. Actually, I brought 2 similar sets because I totally forgot that I already had one in the bag and that I already had this particular set. I will probably give the duplicate as a gift.


My son likes to write so I got him this wipe off board.


Stickers are an essential part of our travel bags so I brought a few. I also brought some colored whiteboard pens and crayons. The tray underneath was for the bus ride but we were not able to use it as he was asleep most of the time.


Finally,  these wrapped “gifts”. They are Happy Meal toys and other toys in my stash.

All of these toys and activities have been in my stash for a long time. I buy gifts, toys and activities all year long when they are on sale and keep them. I bring them out for occasions such as these. So for this trip, I just raided my gift closet. By the end of the trip, we were able to open all gifts. We were able to use them and keep him occupied for a long time. My husband was very thankful that I packed all these as he was the one left to take care of our son while my mom and I went out to shop.


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