Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Perfect Light Snack

We love Cibo but we consider eating there as a treat. It’s a special place for my family. Long back story. Anyway, we usually order the spinach dip as an appetizer but for this visit, I opted to order these chips instead.


These chips are perfect! I almost finished them while waiting for our mains to arrive. I just had to stop myself from munching.

And, they go perfectly with…


the house ice tea!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Toddler Activity- Play-Doh Balls and Printables

I am constantly looking for activities for my son. I like these Do-A-Dot printables all over the web but we don’t have Do-A-Dot markers here nor Bingo markers so we made use of what we have.


We have a ton of Play-Doh and my son loves making Play-Doh balls. My best Friend Ahne laminated these printables for me back when I still didn’t have my own laminator. Thank you BFF!


Sometimes my son likes using these circle stickers instead. They are just plain white stickers which I color with Sharpie. This activity keeps him occupied for about 10-15 minutes.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Toddler Snacks

Here’s another set of toddler snacks.


This is just regular mac and cheese. I had some leftover hotdogs so I added them in.


This is a pita pocket filled with ground beef and homemade salsa. The chips are sweet potato Pop Chips. I also served some mango juice with this.


Finally, some nachos with beef, homemade salsa and cheese.


These are simple but very filling snacks that my son loves.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Missing Baguio

The heat in Manila is so terrible that it makes me miss the cool breeze of Baguio. At least I have this souvenir.



The brownies are made by my SIL’s sis.


Where are you off to this coming long Labor Day weekend?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Plum Organic Go Bar


From time to time, I visit Healthy Options and check out the toddler snacks. This one caught my eye.


These are chocolate brownies that have a ton of veggies in them. Actually, they do taste a bit like veggies but in a good way.


They are individually wrapped. My son can’t finish one bar. He always leaves one bite-size piece.


My son now prefers “grown-up food” so I didn’t really buy another box after he finished this one.  Also, I don’t like wasting food. Since he can’t finish one bar, this is a no go.

Toddler Play – Finger Painting

toddler finger painting

My son thrives on activities so I always find ways to keep him busy. This is a great sensory and Math activity for toddlers. We started this activity when he was 9 months. If your child likes putting things in his mouth, skip this activity.

I got this pack of finger paints and sponges at a local shop along with the food separator. The orange paper is from the bookstore.


I put just a small amount of paint in each section and then showed my son what to do.


Then he got busy. He decided that he liked to use his fingers better.


He was at it for around 15 minutes. After that, it’s shower time for him as the paint was on his legs, cheeks, shirt and arms.

Missy BonBon CDO

My sister asked us to bring her some Missy BonBon Pastel from CDO. It was getting late and so we decided to just have dinner there.






There weren’t very many people in the resto even though it was a Sunday night.
I ordered this chicken pasta and my husband ordered a sweet pasta. My son liked this but I didn’t. It had a bitter aftertaste from the cheese.


We wanted to order some milkshakes but they were not available.


The breads were delicious but the pasta was so-so. I wouldn’t order them again. Plus the price kinda turned me off. Maybe that’s the reason why there were very few customers. Oh, well. Next time, I will just stick to the bake shop.

And while we are in the subject of food, I’d like to share with you these really delicious ube bites from my SIL’s sister.


They are originally cupcakes and I asked her if they can be sent to Manila via courier. She said that the langka topping would melt. I told her I just wanted the cake so she made these for me instead.


They were delicious with tea! I brought them home and  ate them for days without complaining. They were great for breakfast or with my afternoon tea. Thank you Ken!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hukad Centrio Mall CDO

My favorite restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu is Hukad. So, naturally, I wanted to try out the branch in CDO when we were there. We had lunch with the family and here’s what we ordered.


I ordered ginataang langka (jackfruit in coconut milk) and this sizzling tofu. Max’s sizzling tofu is still the best for me. I didn’t touch this much. Even my son who likes tofu didn’t like it.


We also had crispy pata which everybody shared.


The in-laws ordered some fish and a salad which I was not able to take a photo of. 

The food was so-so. It’s not as good as Cebu’s but it was okay. Good value for money too. We had many leftovers and I asked the staff to pack them up and sent them with the in-laws to give to our mama. She wasn’t able to come because the car was already packed.

We will try other local restos when we go back, definitely.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Breakfast at Limketkai Hotel

We went on a work-vacation in Iligan and CDO for Valentine this year. If you can remember, I have several posts about it. I was not able to write about our breakfast experience at Limketkai Hotel where we stayed. So, here it is.

We always enjoy a buffet breakfast, especially my husband and son. My son enjoys the many choices.


This was my husband’s plate – fried rice, scrambled eggs, burger steak and a ton of bacon.


My son enjoyed his fill of watermelons.



This was my  plate. That’s a fish ball inside the shot glass. Meat and vegetables and some herbed potatoes and scrambled eggs. When I realized that it was a fish ball, I immediately gave it to my husband. I regretted getting too much bacon as it was hard and it hurt my teeth. I went for seconds and thirds and tried the other dishes. They were all good.


I guess it was too early to put on too many cakes on display.


As it was V-Day, they were selling these bears for Php250 each.


This is the bread and pastry section.


Jams, pancakes, etc.




When my son was full, he decided that he wanted to take photos. The following were taken by my son.

This was the buffet table from his view.



These were taken while I was carrying him.




These ladies were very accommodating and they even played with my son.


When he got bored, he decided to go out and take photos of the lobby.



Limketkai Hotel was wonderful. The service was fantastic, the food was great. The room was very clean and we didn’t experience any allergies or bug bites! Thank God!

We also availed of the hotel transfers. We asked to be taken to the airport. The chauffeur was very professional and he was a great driver. My son and I didn’t get dizzy even with all the winding roads and he got us there on time, as promised.

My special thanks goes out to Ms. Nel Demesmaeker, the Head Concierge and to all the staff who made our vacation truly comfortable,  enjoyable and memorable.

Limketkai Hotel will definitely be my home away from home in CDO.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mango Cheesecake From Cheesecake, Etc.


Continuing my anniversary post. We didn’t order dessert at Dillinger’s because I ordered a mango cheesecake from Cheesecake, Etc.


The box is convenient to carry but I still feel that it’s gonna give way anytime.


This is the cheesecake. It was frozen when it was given to me.  When we got home, I knew why. It disintegrates when not frozen. It crumbled up when I cut into it. When I served it, it looked like a huge pile of mess on the plate.  I gave everyone a slice and my sister commented that it was full of gelatin. I didn’t like it. I was disappointed with the lack of mangoes. Philippine mangoes are divine, why not take advantage of that?

We had many leftovers and after several days, I just threw them away because nobody really cared for them. Suffice to say, I will never order their cheesecakes again. This was an epic fail.