Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few Daiso Goodies


I haven’t been very active these past couple of weeks because life has been hectic. I did this haul some months ago. All items are from Daiso. Again, I am not affiliated with the brand.


These are fabric lace tapes which I use for my crafts. 2 for 88 pesos.


Fun outlet protectors so the little one does not stick his tiny fingers in them.


This is my favorite buy of the lot. It is super useful! I use it every time I blog.


And of course, this cute toiletries bag that will be used when we travel or have a staycation.

I super love that store!

Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Things to Do This Weekend


1. Go on a movie date with your husband or boyfriend. My husband and I were lucky to score these free movie cards!


2. Make something with your hands. Revisit an old hobby or learn a new skill or craft. I love crocheting but I only learned it this year. I’ve been “hooked” ever since. This is a granny square that was made into a blanket. I gave this as a birthday gift to cousin C.


3. Try a new hairdo. I’ve never put my hair up into a bun because I just have a hard time doing so. My hair is thick and very slippery so the bun does not hold for long. I found a shortcut to doing it and it’s effective too. My hair stays like that for a long time.



Me and cousin C after powdering our noses.

Have a  great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Merienda Time!

Merienda is the Filipino word for snack. We Filipinos love to eat and we have merienda in the morning and afternoon – one before lunch and one before dinner. I usually skip morning merienda but I don’t skip the afternoon one because my body needs it. Ever since I got pregnant, I just need to have an afternoon snack otherwise my energy levels would be so low and my stomach would growl until dinner time.

Here are some snack ideas for you.

merienda time

nachos with cheese and bacon bits – yum! // Bibingka or rice cakes topped with cheese and salted duck eggs //  Fresh vegetable lumpia (spring roll) – love this! // complimentary soup, anyone? // Sotanghon – my son’s favorite // and my son’s favorite mamon or sponge cake

What are you having for merienda today?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of Animal Crackers and Ball Jars

There’s nothing special about this post but I just wanted to share with you two things that I really like.


Mini Animal Biscuits from M&S and a Ball Mason Jar. I have a crate of mason jars in my craft closet, waiting to be used. I pull them out one by one as I find a use for each one. This particular mason jar was assigned my son’s animal crackers.

The animal crackers are a great treat for toddlers with teeth and who are used to chewing harder solid food. My son goes crazy over these crackers.


He likes to pull out several animals at once and choose which one to eat first. Tee hee! Sometimes he lines them all up because he is crazy about trains as well.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Brushing Problems with Your Toddler?

I have an issue with my toddler brushing his teeth. He hates it when people put things in his mouth i.e. the toothbrush. He wants to brush his teeth on his own which is fine by me but there are some areas that he can’t brush properly.

We started the habit of brushing his teeth when he first got teeth. Our doctor recommended SansFluo toothpaste as it is safe to be swallowed. We have been using it since.

When we are outside, I still want to clean his teeth but without bringing his toothbrush (and all the drama that comes with it)  so these wipes are perfect:


Actually, his dentist does not require him to brush his teeth. She recommends to just use a wet cloth and brush the teeth with that. I sometimes do that whenever we have too much drama but I really want him to see that brushing is a regular job he must do and that it’s not painful. I want him to get the habit early as opposed to him 7 years old and having a toothbrush debate with me.

If you are having a difficult time brushing your toddler’s teeth, try these wipes. They come in orange flavor too. This one is strawberry.

*I am not affiliated to SansFluo nor was this post sponsored.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Best DIY Yet

I’ve been away from the blogging world for a few days because my husband is on a business trip so it’s just me who does all the chores. I’ve also been busy taking care of my son and husband (before he left) because they both got sick. We even spent a few hours in the ER because my husband’s fever won’t go down. Anyway, everyone is better now. My son also decided to sleep early tonight so I have a little ME time.

Here’s a project that I am very happy with.


These are plain wooden frames from the 88-store. I had my cousin spray paint them white and pink. Then I cut some scrapbook paper and mod podged them inside the frames. I glued all four frames together using Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue is fantastic, by the way. It’s super strong and I don’t have any problems with the finished product.


I use it to store/display my makeup and toiletries. You can also hang it on the wall and display memorabilia and other beautiful things. You can also use this inside drawers as an organizer. The possibilities are endless! You can also use them as shadow boxes.

What do you think of this project? Would you try it too?

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Breakfasts

If I can skip breakfast, I would but it seems that breakfast is my son’s favorite meal of the day. He just gets excited to see me enter our room with food in my hands in the morning.

If it was just me, I would have quick meals like these:


Bibingka or rice cakes. I love this! Our favorite is Ferino’s.


Chocolate cookies, biscuits, wafers, etc. from M&S and a cup of tea with just a little honey. I don’t like too sweet drinks and food. I sometimes just skip the honey altogether to offset the sweetness of the chocolate.

Sometimes, I get all excited about breakfast and prepare this:


This is arroz ala cubana. It’s composed of ground beef with vegetables and raisins, some fried bananas, rice and a fried egg. My husband loved this so much. So did my little one.

I did some grocery shopping over the weekend and I think I’ll be more creative with breakfast this week.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I’ve been out for a while because my whole family got sick. I even took my husband to the ER last night because he was running a high fever. Anyway, everyone’s better now and I can relax.

This is a quick food post. I haven’t been posting about food for some time now so I thought I’d sneak in a couple of posts.


M&S is one of our favorite food haunts. My son just loves these animal crackers. As for me, I love this organic green tea with jasmine. It keeps me relaxed and makes me ready to tackle the day.


Another favorite snack of the whole family are sweet potato fries. Just cut them up, fry them and season with a little salt. You can skip the salt but I like the contrast of sweet and salty.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Activity Tray–Fine Motor Skills (14 Months)

I have been keeping my son busy with various activities. I get inspiration from Pinterest and other mom blogs. I also just take whatever it is we have on hand, just simple things around the house and turn them into an activity for my son. Such is the case of this activity tray.

By the way, an activity tray or Tot Tray is the brainchild of Carisa of the blog 1plus1plus1equals1. She has many amazing activities for her own kids chronicled in her blog.

For this activity tray, I got my son’s old bowl and put some marbles in it. I also got my old water bottle and removed the cap. I showed my son how to “shoot” one marble into the bottle and he did the rest. He shoots 20 marbles then asks me to pour the marbles back into the bowl.


He enjoys this activity a lot. He does the activity several times over. For me, anything that can keep my son occupied for more than 5 minutes is a blessing! He is almost 15 months old but he is already quite a handful. I need to plan our daily activities otherwise, I won’t get anything done.


I got the tray on clearance for only 60 pesos last Sunday. The marbles are around 25 pesos for one bag from the bookstore. The bowl has a suction bottom so it doesn’t move around the tray.


I will be sharing more ideas and activities for toddlers soon so stay tuned! If you have any toddler ideas and activities, I’d like to hear from you. Share your link in the comments below.

As always, supervise your child while doing this activity. Marbles are a choking hazard.

Another Upcycling Project


I’ve had this tin tissue folder for ages…like at least 5 years. It has been hanging out on the floor, gathering dust. I kept telling myself that I will find a use for it someday. Well, back in July, I finally did.


It got ugly with all those scratches so I decided to use my printed tape.


Just wrap, wrap, wrap et voila! I’m still using it as a tissue holder though because that time, my husband and I got sick with colds so we needed a tissue holder. We didn’t want to use our facial tissues so I put in some bathroom tissue in the holder.

After the colds have gone, it housed my pretty Hello Kitty tissues.


Lady E’s notes: I wouldn’t use this printed tape again for my crafts. It doesn’t stick well. I got it from National Bookstore. I will only use it for presents in the future. Washi tape or Duck Tape is better.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Craft Time!

Today I’ll be sharing with you 2 upcycling projects that are very easy to make. Let’s get started!


I have this old box that has been lying around for years. I didn’t want to throw it away because it was such a good, sturdy box. I knew I would find a use for it someday.


I’ve been wanting to use my zebra stripe print Duck Tape for the longest time and this seemed to be the perfect project.


At first I wanted to cover the whole box but then I took a hard long look at it and realized that my son would appreciate the sensory play on the stars and other shapes and letters on the box. So, I just covered the bottom part. It now houses all my crochet granny squares that are waiting to be crocheted into my blanket.

Project #2


Next is this plain white container. I used this during our Table E days when I was still in the food business. I thought I should use it too for our home.


My weapon of choice? Washi tape, of course!


Now it’s all pretty and holds my son’s meds.


I hope these two projects inspired you to look at your stuff and upcycle something! Happy crafting!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Honeymania Shower Gel

This is still a part of the Honeymania set I bought from The Body Shop sometime ago. I only use this shower gel on days when I’m going out. If I’ll just be staying at home, I use my Olive shower gel, also from TBS.

On my first week, I really thought that this was a special shower gel that's why I only use it when I go out. I really loved the scent. But as I continue to use it, I noticed that the scent becomes a bit offensive. It has a strong bitter note. As the days pass, it doesn’t smell like honey to me anymore.

Scent aside, it’s a pretty good product. It’s moisturizing and has a good lather. I still have half a bottle left.  I probably won’t repurchase.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Quick, Easy and Fun Dinner for Your Toddler (and the whole family)

I used to hate grocery shopping but now I actually look forward to it. I love seeing great deals and new items. One of the new items I found a few months ago was a line of fun pasta shapes:


I immediately knew  that my son will love these so I got a bag. They come in different varieties. I will be featuring the other varieties soon. I chose the Zoo pasta first because he likes elephants and lions.

I cooked a simple pasta recipe and as expected, everyone enjoyed it. My son had a thrill looking for the different animals…and then popping them in his mouth!


This one bag was enough to feed our family of 3 plus leftovers for my husband’s office lunch and around 2 more servings.

Quick Pasta Recipe:
1 can corned beef
spaghetti sauce
salt and pepper
optional oregano and basil
olive oil

1. Cook the pasta according to package directions.
2. Saute the garlic and onions in oil. Add the corned beef until cooked.
3. Add the sauce.
4. Season with salt and pepper and herbs if using.
5. Top with cheese before serving. I topped ours with grated quick melt cheese. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Toddler Breakfast Ideas

My son is a rock star eater. He eats anything I give him. As he grows up, he is becoming his own person with his own likes and dislikes in food. I am thankful that so far, meal times have been great. He is not a fussy eater at all.
5 toddler breakfasts 1

He is 14 months old and we are at the stage where he doesn’t want me feeding him. He wants to self-feed using his hands. He has learned to self-feed around 6 months old. He started eating solids when he was 4 months old.

Sometimes he will use his spoon but he prefers his hands. I also noticed that he likes to eat a variety of things in one meal. We Filipinos are used to just rice and a viand or two for meals. My son is different. He is quite the adventurous eater. He will eat things he has never seen before such as green pepper. He just looked at his pizza slice, took the pepper and put it in his mouth and happily chewed away. So, for the past week or so, I’ve been trying different food combinations for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know that feeding a toddler can sometimes be hard so I’d like to share with you the meals I serve for my son for breakfast.


In this first photo, I gave him some Cheerios with his formula, some mango cubes and scrambled eggs. He finished everything on this plate.


These are Nutella pinwheels and 2 slices of his favorite cheese. I cut them into squares so that he can easily eat them. All gone too.


We were running low on groceries so I gave him Cheerios again and some watermelon slices. He loves watermelons. Finished everything too.


These are watermelon slices again, some scrambled eggs and some bread with butter and orange marmalade that I tore up to prevent choking. My son ate all the fruit, about 80% of the bread and all the eggs.


Finally, some watermelon slices, chopped hardboiled eggs and honey and banana oatmeal. He finished everything except for the egg whites. I am allergic to egg whites. He isn’t but apparently, he does not like hard boiled egg whites.

We usually finish first whatever fruit spoils the quickest. I don’t buy a whole watermelon, just slices and they easily go bad so we eat them everyday until they’re gone. There are only three of us and I don’t like buying a lot of fruit. I buy enough. That’s why the repetition of watermelons.

If you want to save this idea, just pin this photo in your Pinterest board.

5 toddler breakfasts 1

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cultural Exchange Packets

I got this idea of a Cultural Exchange Packet from a mommy blog. My son and I have been doing many learning activities that interest him and I think a cultural exchange packet is a great idea. Although my son is only 14 months old, I’m sure he will appreciate the many different things that he will learn about different places and countries. So, I would like to do this with any of you mommies out there. I know my blog has a lot of visitors all over the world so I think this is a great idea.

What will the packet contain? Anything that you can think of that represents your country such as a picture of your flag, a map of your country, some fake money and other photos and things that you think a child will benefit or learn from. It does not have to be expensive. You can put anything that can be used for homeschooling pre-schools up to Grade one. You can also put crafts that teach about your culture. You are only limited by your imagination.

So, what do you homeschooling mommies think about this plan? If you are interested to make a swap with me, please comment below. I’m really excited about this project and hope you lurkers out there will finally join in! I am open to any country in the world! I will start to put together our pack and feature it here soon. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making an Impromptu Party Happen

When my son turned one, we didn’t have any big party plans. We just invited his godmothers for lunch in one of the restaurants in the mall. But, my son got sick with colds and coughs the day before. At 4 am, he was having a temperature so I decided to cancel the lunch party and just invited our family and the godmothers to the hotel where we were staying to have a mini party.

I had very little sleep that night because my son was too fussy and crying because of his colds. Then I was up at 4 am, planning this impromptu party and taking care of him, making sure that his fever won’t get full blown.


I didn’t plan much for breakfast as I knew we would be going out so I had a quick breakfast of tea and chocolate sponge cake with my husband. At 6 am, my text invites were sent and I began making my to-do and shopping list.

I texted my mom to get the cake. I texted Cousin C to get a bunch of stuff from my craft closet and to print a few things. I got some vouchers for Domino’s pizza too. My plan was slowly coming into fruition. I couldn’t have made it without help from these two, especially cousin C!

When Cousin C arrived, we went to the nearby supermarket to buy supplies then we went to pick up the food. In this case, the food was 2 kinds of pasta and some pizzas.


Mom got the cake and the guests slowly arrived.


I made these printables using Microsoft Word, stuck them on straws and put them in the snack tubs. We didn’t have matching colors because I used what I had. I didn’t want to buy stuff anymore. Anyway, I think the colors evoke a sailor theme.


I made a snack bar because I knew that everyone would stay the whole day to spend some time with the little one. We needed something to last us the whole day. I got a bunch of different snacks and popcorn and some chocolates. We also got ice cream, of course.


I also put Happy Birthday flags on some of the straws.


I asked Cousin C to make a bunting out of yarn and washi tape that we stuck on the wall.


All in all, it was a fun day. I guess it was even better than the original plan. My son got to see all his family and his godmothers got to spend a little time with him. He slept after eating. Poor birthday boy. But he was able to enjoy his gifts come night time. He was feeling better after dinner.

I also got to spend some time with my friends which is great because we rarely see each other because we are all very busy with our chosen careers – A as a corporate executive, C as a pastry chef and me, as a full time mom.

So that’s how I made a first birthday party happen with just 6 hours to prepare. Whew!