Saturday, January 24, 2015

Toddler Activity – Chopsticks (18 Months)

My son loves to do activities so I make sure to prepare activities for him daily. We did this activity back when he was around 14-15 months old.


I just got a Styrofoam board, a cup and chopsticks. I stuck several chopsticks on the board. He kept pulling them out and placing them in the cup. So, I got rid of the cardboard box and emptied the cup. He had fun putting the sticks back in. He tried this activity a few times then got bored with it.

WARNING: Chopsticks are dangerous to play with when you leave the child unsupervised. I categorized this activity for an 18-month-old because then the child would be more mature. My son is a bit more mature for his age that is why we were able to do this activity at an early age. He knows that the sticks can hurt him or poke his eyes. Talk to your child first before doing this activity. If your child still likes putting things in his mouth, skip this activity. I never left my son while he did this activity. When he was done, I immediately put them back where they belonged.

There are many variations to this activity. You can practice counting, colors, lines, shapes, etc. Be creative to make an activity last longer.


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