Tuesday, January 28, 2014



I saw this product months ago in a commercial. I immediately thought that I needed it! I am left with a tummy full of stretch marks after giving birth. I already put lotions, creams, oils during all those months when I was pregnant to no avail. I have a petite body and my stomach is really small. My son is tall so I had a really big belly when I was pregnant. People thought I was going to pop at 7 months because that’s how huge my tummy was.

Anyway, I have a ton of stretch marks, period. I took a “before” photo of one part of my tummy.


This is the area to the left of my navel. It has some discoloration and the stretch marks were really deep. I’ve been using GLYDERM for a month or so now and I took a photo this morning.


I didn’t edit this photo. All I did was brighten it up so you can clearly see my skin. This is also the area to the left of my navel. As you can see, the area lightened up and the stretch marks are not as deep as before. I haven’t been doing any tummy exercises as I just don’t have the time! Plus, I was only cleared to do some exercises a month ago. I am still scared to do any exercise so that will have to wait.


I also took a shot of the area from a distance. I can only see the stretch marks if I stretch out my skin. If it’s just sagging like that, I barely notice most of them. But believe me, they’re there!

One small tube costs Php400+. The big tube costs Php700+. I got the small one first to test it out. I might be allergic. It smells bad, like medicine but I got used to it after some time.

According to the pamphlet given to me by the SA, GLYDERM works by rebuilding collagen and regaining skin elasticity. The result is improved color and size reduction of stretch marks.

I apply this twice a day, after I shower. It also says in the pamphlet that smoking and drinking can reduce the effectiveness of the cream. It says you can see results within 5 weeks of usage. This is absolutely true in my case.

This product is made in France so I had the peace of mind to buy it. It is also safe to use when breastfeeding. I think you can start using this product 5 months after giving birth but to be sure, check with your doctor first.

This is now a permanent part of my morning and night routine.


  1. Love to read this info. Tq. Hope gly derm works on me.

  2. Good luck aisah! Just apply it religiously and you are bound to see results.