Friday, May 29, 2015

My Favorite Summer Shower Essentials

Summer in Manila is ter-ri-ble! If you don't have AC, showers are a great savior. Here are my current favorites.

This is a scalp brush. I use it daily with shampoo. It prevents build-up and gets rid of dandruff. 

Olay face products don't agree with my skin but surprisingly, their bath and body line does. This is my favorite body wash. This is refreshing cucumber and green tea. It has good moisturizing properties. 

I need to transfer it to a pump bottle so my husband wouldn't complain. The bottle and brush are from Daiso, by the way. 

Finally, this body wash from Herbal Essences. This is just so good! It feels really nice on my skin and smells really fresh, perfect for summer!

What are your summer shower essentials?

Red Spatula

Whenever my husband and I would go out on a date, we make sure to bring pasalubong or homecoming present to our son. Red Spatula just newly opened in Greenbelt that time and since my son likes mamon, I decided to buy a box. 

I wanted cheese mamon but they were sold out already. These are butter and ube. The ube ones are for my husband. 

These are alright in my opinion. The top just sticks to the plastic so I wasn't really able to taste it. Too bad as that's my favorite part. I didn't bother scraping the plastic anymore. This is light and fluffy. My son did not like it though and I'm wondering why as it's not too sweet. He doesn't like very sweet food. Since my son does not like it, I won't be buying this again. You can try them though. They have other flavors such as peanut butter. They are located in Greenbelt 1, ground floor. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mango Tree Bistro

My husband and I love Thai food. If we can, we would eat Thai food every week but alas, Thai restos here are quite expensive. A few weeks ago, we were able to go on a dinner and movie date. We decided to try out the Mango Tree Bistro which replaced our favorite Thai resto, Oody's.

I'm actually not sure if they're from the same group or if Oody's just had a re-branding.

Here's what we ordered.

Thai Cat Fish and Mango Salad is always a must. Yum Pla Dook Foo in Thai, if I remember it correctly. 

This was okay. I like Oody's better as the dressing soaks into the catfish. It's very flavorful. Also, this serving was too small for us. 

My husband's staple order is Tom Yum soup. This was pretty spicy. It also lacked substance, as in it only had 3 small pieces of shrimps. It was just soup, soup, soup. 

This is chicken satay which was okay. Nothing special there. I still like Oody's better. 

This place is too expensive in my opinion. We paid over Php1,000 for this meal. The portions are too small. The taste was just okay. The food cannot justify the price.  Even the senior ladies in the table in front of us commented that the portions were too small. They had to order extras and there were only 2 of them. They don't even serve complimentary peanuts and chips like Oody's. We probably won't dine here again anymore unless they improve the quality of the food and the serving size. Oh, how I miss Oody's..

Toddler Meals

Check out the latest installment of toddler meals.

cucumber sticks with Kewpie // shredded roasted chicken // melon slices // herbed baby potatoes

Yakult //  ham squares // melon slices //  strawberry jam and butter sandwich

papaya // cheese // toast

sometimes we get to eat Pop Tarts for our afternoon snack

This is my breakfast - Japanese bacon doughnut and scrambled eggs.

Japanese doughnut and plums

That's it for this installment of toddler meals. Do check out my archives for more ideas. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Chocolate Wafers are Da Bomb!


I’m sorry I don’t know what brand they are but they are sooooo good! They are light and airy and just the right chocolatey goodness. My son and I finished this tray in one sitting. Mom gave this to me and I didn’t bother asking her what the brand is. She said that it came in a box and I think there were 4 trays in it. It took me days before I opened it. I should have opened it at once! When I finally asked her what brand it was she already forgot. Pffftt… Fail!

Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Sensory Bottle for Toddlers

diy sensory bottle

Hey SAHMs! Here’s another simple project for you and your tot. This is a DIY sensory bottle. It’s so easy to make and so cheap!


For this project, I used a water bottle, some glitter and assorted confetti. I used balloons, shapes and stars. I put them in the bottle and poured some water. I closed the cap tightly and put several layers of tape. You can also just glue it.



We’ve had this for several months now and my son still says “Wow” whenever he plays with it.

You can put different kinds of stuff in a sensory bottle – beads, googly eyes, etc. Have fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toddler Plates

Here’s another installment of toddler meals.


This is a simple fried rice and orange breakfast.

fish // tomato and cucumber // pear // rice

stir fried beef and veggies // fish // rice // watermelons

ham // black grapes // Nutella pinwheels

scrambled eggs with cheese // plums // Japanese doughnut

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Did SM Get to Become a Washi Tape Wonderland?

Just look at those colorful tapes!



The best part is they’re super affordable!

Toddler Activity–Apple Pasting

Hello all you busy SAHMs out there! Here’s another activity to help your toddler develop skills for kindergarten.


I absolutely cannot remember where I got these printables so if you’re the one who made this wonderful activity, please leave a link below to your blog.


This activity is simple. Just cut out the apples and tell your child to paste the corresponding number of apples on each tree.


I used an old bowl to corral the apples as they keep flying away.  We love this glue stick as it’s perfect for small hands and it’s not messy.


Here is my son’s finished work. Do you have more toddler activities in your blog? I’d love some links! Share them here!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Daiso Food Review and a Mini Haul

I have to admit that I am very reluctant to buy food from Daiso unless it’s a brand I know. Luckily, they carry several brands I am familiar with.


My son is crazy about these Japanese marshmallows. My husband loves marshmallows too so I got 2 packs.


They are individually wrapped which is perfect because I can control how much they eat.
*Marshmallows are a choking  hazard. My son is quite the expert at eating them but I still watch him carefully whenever he eats one. He likes popping the whole thing in his mouth. Sometimes I cut them up into fourths but he hates it when I do that.


We really liked these chocolate filled biscuits. They are a great quick afternoon snack.


These are my favorite rice crackers. I used to buy them at Hatchin but then Landmark carried them. They are more expensive at Landmark though but at least I don’t have to go out my way to go there. Then I found them at Daiso. At first they were sold at Php88 but the last time I went there they were priced at Php150!

These are salty so I only give my son 1 or 2 pieces.


I couldn’t resist these Mickey fans. They are useful in this heat, anyway,


Those are the designs.


Finally, I just had to have this mug because I have the matching plate.


Klondike Crunch

I understand that this is a very popular ice cream in the US. If you’re a fan, just skip this post.


I was so excited when I saw these Klondike bars in Rustan’s. I first saw them on a show on the Food Network. They sounded so good so imagine my delight when I saw them in the local freezer.

But alas, it was only temporary. This was a complete disappointment to me. The ice cream is too soft. It doesn’t hold its shape, It’s too messy to eat. The chocolate shell is nothing special. I even commented to my mom that the local Pinipig Crunch is even better. One pack is really expensive and we still have one bar left in the freezer which everyone is ignoring.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Picole Healthy Pops

I first discovered Picole in a bazaar many years ago. I have since been a big fan.


They come in different variants – Milky, Juicy and I think the other one is Premium. As you can tell, the Premium line is the most expensive one.

For me, I like the juicy pops best. They are light and not overly sweet. These pops have natural ingredients. We usually keep a box in the freezer because my son just loves to snack on these.


My favorite is Buco. We are not huge fans of the Strawberry flavor as it’s a bit tart. My sister loves it though.


This Mango pop is also good.


The Avocado was just okay for me. It had a bitter aftertaste. My son likes it though.

One Juicy pop is around Php40+. The Milky ones are more expensive. It’s cheaper if you buy by the box but you don’t get to choose flavors. Sometimes I get lactose intolerance from the Milky pops so I’ll stick to the Juicy pops.

It’s been a while since we last had these pops and I must make a mental note to see if they have restocked the freezers at Rustan’s. The last time I checked, they were out of stock.

If you’re looking for a cool, healthy snack for your kids this summer, try Picole!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Marks and Spencer’s Cheese Twists


We love M&S food at home but I’d have to say they are a hit and miss. Sometimes I get really good food but sometimes, they are an epic fail. This box was somewhere in the middle.

The sticks are crunchy and cheesy but they were too salty. Really, I have to drink 2 glasses of water just after a stick or two. I haven’t tried them with tomato pasta yet. I think it needs to be paired with something sour to balance it out. I will not try it with cheese and fruit as in the photo. Too salty.  I definitely won’t buy this again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Daiso Haul

This is another past haul. Sorry, I have so many backlog posts and I’m trying to get updated.


This is an erasable board. It’s made of cardboard but it works just like a whiteboard.
My son loves to practice writing and so this is perfect for him.


It’s a pretty big board, perfect for toddlers. My son embellished it with a few more airplane and helicopter stickers. It also works great as a sticker board.


My son can count up to 20 so this wooden puzzle is a good practice for him. He can count and identify numbers 0-10 but he is still not very familiar with numbers 11 to 20.


I used the plastic case as our going out toy box. I have since changed our going out busy box. This one holds his supermarket play set.


This coin purse is in my gift stash.


I bring the socks to our travels. They keep my feet warm in cold hotel rooms. As for the foot cover, never mind. They don’t stay on.


This is another bad buy. This is a water bottle holder but the strap broke after just a few uses. I couldn’t salvage it so I just threw it away.


This is an unusual find. Shick is a very good brand and my husband uses it.


Finally, these are HK marshmallows. My son loves filled marshmallows. The filling is strawberry.