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My Mommy Errands Essentials

Being a mom is exhausting to say the least. I am a full time mom and wife and so I have many duties to fulfill daily. A few times a month, I go on an “errands day”. I am lucky when my mom comes along but on days when she has work, I am left with no choice but to do the errands on my own with my toddler in tow. So, over the months, I have developed my Errands Day Essentials. Let me share them with you because sharing is caring and us moms need to stick together.
 Mommy Errands Day Essentials

First, a roomy bag. We normally have a separate toddler bag (read my post about that here) but I cannot carry two bags and my child all at once so for errand days, I opt for a bigger one instead and fill it with both our essentials.

Next, I need my list – whether it be a shopping list, a grocery list or list of stores that I need to go to, there must always be a list. I still use a pen and paper to make my list. I am more comfortable with these media. So, my bag would usually have a cute notepad or a small notebook and of course, a cute pen.

IMG_1050 cute notebook courtesy of BFF Ahne and cute pen from BFF Celine
also have wipes in my bag. I never go out without a pack or two of them. My son likes to explore and touch things so I have to be ready. When we sit down for a snack, he likes to eat independently so that means he has to use his hands and we know how toddlers eat. There will surely be a mess everywhere. The wipes are a life (and clothes) saver.


To keep him entertained while waiting for our food or when we are queuing, I have these cars. He loves Hot Wheels so we have a bunch of them. I try to bring a different set when we go out so that they will not lose their “magic”. I also put some stickers in my bag for good measure. He adores stickers and they keep him busy for a long time.


Since plastic is no longer allowed in the city, my bags always have eco totes or shopping bags in them. I never go out without at least one. I have a light foldable one and this Rustan’s Supermarket shopping bag. I use the lighter one for bookstore purchases, toys, drugstore, department store purchases, etc. The sturdier one is for heavier items and grocery shopping. This mesh shopping bag from Daiso is also very useful and roomy.

Water is very essential for me because I get thirsty a lot. This started when I had to take a lot of meds for my fibromyalgia and polymyositis. One of my doctors explained that the meds have this effect. So, I make sure to put a small water bottle in my purse. I actually own several cute ones. They are one of my collections. Here are a couple of them.

Of course, I also have to put a diaper and our cotton container. I leave the rest of my son’s things in the car. I can easily get the other stuff such as a change of clothes and extra toys when I need them.

I also bring Lenny along. Lenny is my son's backpack/harness. This allows me to do my shopping without fear of him getting lost. He also likes to walk and run around so this is very helpful. I don't need to keep running around and chasing him.

I loved wearing wedge shoes before I got pregnant. I could go shopping the whole day in them but that is no longer the case today. I absolutely cannot wear them when my son and I are running errands. It’s not safe to be carrying around a baby in heels. It’s also bad for my scolio so I choose to wear comfortable but stylish footwear. I normally wear dresses and skirts even on errand days so I like to wear sandals or flip flops. These are my “Lady E must-haves”. Closed flat shoes are so hard to find in my size so these two are staples in my wardrobe. I am also more comfortable in them. I am also more comfortable driving in flats or flip flops so I always have a pair in the car should I need to change. My favorite brands of flip flops are Havaianas, Ipanema, Grendha, Old Navy and Rubi. For a more stylish look, I choose Ipanema or Grendha.

I will be needing a new pair of flip flops soon because my regular ones are ‘dying’ but it’s hard to go shopping for footwear when it’s just my son and I so I did a little “window shopping” online to see what’s available. I found a wide selection of comfortable rubber flip flops online at ZALORA. It’s great because they have most of my favorite brands available. And with their wide selection, I have also discovered some new brands that I want to try. My birthday is next month so I think I will treat myself to some of their affordable offers.

Running errands with a toddler is hard but with proper preparation (and lots of practice!) you will definitely master it.

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