Sunday, August 17, 2014

Staycation Packing


Back in June, we had an impromptu staycation in one of the hotels in the city. I had literally 2 hours to pack and get everything in order. With a toddler, that is somewhat hard to do but I was able to accomplish it thanks to some of my regular travel essentials.

First, I never go out without this pretty pink mesh shopping bag which I got from Daiso. It’s very handy when buying food and supplies from neighboring convenience stores and shops.


I know there are free slippers in hotels but they’re too flimsy for me. After taking a shower, I like to dry my feet in a nice cozy pair of slippers. This pair is great. I also got it from Daiso. My only problem with this is the sole is made with cardboard.

My husband likes wearing this too. He prefers it over the free slippers.


It’s very helpful if you already have a plan in mind when packing essentials such as toiletries. You should also have bags and pouches ready for these things. The one on the bottom left is my trusted Clinique toiletries bag. It has traveled with me everywhere. I put my liquid and bath toiletries here. The one on top of it and the one on the right side came in a set. I put my lotion, moisturizer samples, etc. in the bigger pouch and my makeup brushes in the smaller pouch. As for the floral bag, I put our socks and other small clothing articles in it. All the other pouches are from Daiso.


The purple pouch is a Whisper feminine pads freebie. I put our chargers in it. The one on the right holds brassieres and underwear. I super love this organizer. It’s a space saver and keeps my delicates from getting squished. I also have another underwear bag for my son’s diapers. The Harajuku Lovers pouch houses my makeup.


I also brought my planner with me because I needed to get some planning done. I also brought this set of colored pens from Daiso. If I’m getting any work done on a staycation, might as well be in in style.


I always bring socks because hotel rooms can be really cold. Plus, my son likes it to be really cold and I want my toes to remain nice and toasty. Cute socks are from Daiso.


Finally, I always bring a bunch of zip locks. I couldn’t resist this cute set from Daiso. I put wet items in these zippered bags.

Of course I packed clothes and other stuff. If you want to know how I pack our travel bags, just browse the archives in my old blog and search for travel.

This is not a sponsored post from Daiso.


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