Monday, December 23, 2013

Have You Tried the Food at Family Mart?


I’ve only tasted one and this was given to me. This is their California Maki.


It looks really good in the photo but looks can be deceiving. This tasted terrible. I didn’t like it all! The stuffing was a bit tough. The rice was not cooked right. I have too many complaints about it. I tried to finish the tray but couldn’t. I left 2…and one more tray. I was given 2 trays. I gave the rest to my cats because they usually like the California Maki from Tokyo Tokyo. This one, they ignored completely. They took one whiff and left. Even the stray cats outside didn’t eat it.

I am scared to taste their other food offerings because of this experience. If you have any favorites from Family Mart, I’d appreciate a shoutout below.

This costs Php99. They also have sandwiches and noodles available.


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