Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Favorite Arizona Drinks

I know this brand has been in our country for some time but I only recently tried them.


Lemon ice tea is my favorite drink so naturally I would try this first. I loved this! I can clearly taste the tea unlike other brands that are full of sugar and lemon flavor. This has a bit of a bitter taste coming from the tea which I like. I also like that it’s not too sweet. I can also taste the lemon flavor. This is made from natural ingredients and that’s always good in my book. It is a bit more expensive than our usual Lipton but we already made the switch. Even my husband likes this and he is not a big iced tea fan. This comes in tetra pak and in bottles.


My other favorite drink from Arizona is this lemonade. Whenever I’ve had enough iced tea, I order lemonade. I also like this. It’s not too sour, not too sweet. It’s just right. MB also loves this. It’s a good break from his usual sodas.

I stock these drinks in the fridge so I always have one when the craving hits. It saves me time and money from going back and forth to the store. MB also likes to have a sweet drink whenever I cook an extra special dinner for him.


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