Thursday, December 5, 2013

This Product Helped Alleviate Our Baby's Severe Spit-Ups

My baby spits up a lot. I was actually concerned about him having GERD or something. Our first pediatrician was waaay too paranoid and because she was an Infectious Disease doctor, she ordered a ton of blood tests on my 2-month old baby. That was a horrible ordeal and we never want to go through that again. To say we hate her is being kind. So we changed pediatricians and now we are very happy with our doctor. I told him about my concerns about GERD and he said that it’s really quite normal for babies to spit up. I told him that my baby almost spits up half of his milk intake. He said not to be concerned as long as my baby is gaining weight. My baby is right on track when it comes to his weight. He is not fat but he is also not skinny. That’s just the way we want him to be.

The spit ups decreased for a while but now they are back again with a vengeance because he is becoming super active. After he feeds he wants to lie on his tummy immediately and play. Heck, he sometimes wants to lie on his tummy while feeding. He rolls around in bed like crazy. He is now also learning to crawl and he is taking frog steps. He is literally like a frog. He shoots himself forward when he wants to go from point A to B. I am still concerned about the spit ups though so I will ask his doctor about it on our next visit.

Anyway, when I mentioned these spit ups to my best friend M back when my baby was still a few weeks old, she mentioned that I should put my baby on an inclined position during and after feedings so my husband bought him one of these:


This is a sleeper that he got from Baby Company. I can’t remember the price anymore but it was fairly priced. This helped us a lot. His spit ups no longer scared me. As a very new mom back then, every little thing scared me and I’m glad that there are products out there that help ease our fears. I also like the cushions on the sides as they prevented him from rolling around and pulling stuff. He sleeps with us in bed so I was concerned about SIDS. My baby could lie on his side when he was 2 weeks old so SIDS was really a big concern for my husband and I. This sleeper kept him on his back all through the night. So this product was really a great buy. Two birds with one stone, right?

We stopped using this about a week or two ago because my baby has gotten very big and very active. He now sleeps on his tummy on the bed. Our doctor said not to be afraid of SIDS anymore as my baby can already move his head around and can fully support it. He said that when he lies on his tummy and he has difficulty breathing, he will change his position. We will be keeping this though in case we decide to have another baby.

Note: Before using this product, ask your pediatrician first if it’s a good idea. We even used a pillow with this but pillows and other things around a sleeping baby can increase the risk of SIDS. When my son was using a pillow, I would wake up almost every hour just to check on him. Now, he still sometimes uses a pillow but he prefers to just lie flat in bed. Ask your doctor. This worked for us. Hopefully it will work for you too.


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