Saturday, December 28, 2013

Was I Living Under a Rock??

Inglot is here! They’ve been open since November 30.


They are located in Glorietta 5 on the ground floor. I looked around and the prices are not bad. The palettes cost Php495 and up. Blushes cost Php495, lipsticks Php700 and up, nail polish Php450 and up. The single eyeshadows range from Php350 upwards.

If you are not familiar with Inglot, it’s basically a customizable brand of cosmetics. You buy an empty palette and fill it up with the shades that you want. This way, you can be sure to use each and every one that’s included in your palette.

I will not purchase from this brand because I have a lot of makeup in my collection that I need to finish. It will probably take me another 2-3 years before I purchase a new palette…well, that is if I have the strength to do that. = )


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