Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whipped by Salengga


Whipped by Salengga is a fairly new home business. It started only this year. The owner, Celine, is a trained pastry chef. Salengga is one of her monikers. Her close friends and family call her by that name.


Anyway, one day I had a huge craving for cheesecakes, blueberry and strawberry, to be exact so I sent a message over Facebook to order a few cups… Well, I ordered 4 cups but each one contained 2 pieces so do the Math.


Each order comes with a Whipped spoon. The spoons come in different colorful and whimsical designs. I got a few but forgot to photograph them.


Now don’t judge the presentation right away. You have to take shipping into consideration. I’m pretty happy that this arrived in one piece at my doorstep. They still tasted good. The blueberries were sweet and a bit tart, a perfect complement to the cheesecake. I really liked the crust as it was not too sweet. Some cheesecakes have overly sweet crusts.

The strawberries were a surprise because I actually had a few wholes in there whereas some other cheesecakes are very stingy with this fruit. The strawberries were also superb. I ordered these a few months ago so now I can’t remember which one I liked better but they were both yummy.

My only comment on this though are the spoons. They lend a bit of an aftertaste and affect the taste of the product but that is not a problem at all. You can just use a regular spoon and use the spoons for other purposes. You can put them in your lunchbox or use them for decorative purposes. If you have kids, they will appreciate the new toy. My goddaughter actually likes playing with spoons.

The overall packaging is pretty. Actually, too pretty for its cost. These cheesecakes are super affordable and I couldn’t believe that Celine spent a lot of time and effort in prettifying the package.

Aside from mini cheesecakes, Whipped by Salengga also offers cupcakes, cakes, cake pops and other pastries. You can order for your parties and events. Check out her Facebook page for more information and orders.


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