Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Few Empties

I finished a few products over the course of a month.


This is a great product to minimize pores. I used it because I noticed that my pores were larger than usual. I don’t know if that’s because of my pregnancy or what. I just finished the last bits of this today.


This is a another great product from NARS. This is one of the best primers I’ve ever used. Will I repurchase? Maybe. I am still on a NARS ban because I really don’t like their packaging. This tube is an exception though.


Bobbi Brown skin care products are love. This one did a good job of fixing my super dry facial skin.


I didn’t use this as a makeup remover because it stings. I used it to clean my brushes. It was so effective!


Finally, my Chubby Stick. I won’t repurchase as the color is too sheer for me. I still also have a ton of lippies left so lipstick ban for me too.


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