Thursday, March 27, 2014

F1 Hotel Review

I have been dreading this post like the plague just because I know it’s going to be really long and I don’t have the luxury to write long posts anymore due to mommy duties. Tonight, however, my son slept early and so I must face the music. Without further ado, here is my review on the F1 Hotel.

We went to F1 for a staycation during my husband’s birthday week last year. This was last November. Here are a few pics of our room.


I always have to check out the bathroom first… and put out my beauty junk.


The bathroom was small but it was clean and the big sink and table were fine with me. I was able to put out all my beauty and bath essentials.


This was my work area. There was free WiFi. I had to work that day and this table came in very useful. It was placed at the back of the bed so my boys won’t be able to disturb me.


These are the mini bar and closet. The fridge is inside the smaller closet. The closet is a standard-size hotel closet. They provided us with bath robes and slippers. They also have ironing facilities which is great as my husband likes ironing his clothes. I don’t. I prefer wash and wear clothes.


This is the bed after my son and his dad played, rolled, jumped, etc. on it.


This is the side table…the before look. Come night time, it was full of my son’s stuff – milk bottles, snacks, etc.

F1 is a lovely hotel. Our room was nice and spacious. I had a bit of a problem with the concierge though as they took so long to bring our luggage up. My son’s lunch was in one of the bags and he was already hungry. We had to follow them up several times. Finally, I went down to reception and asked where our luggage was so that I can just get my son’s food bag. They kept saying that the luggage is on its way up so I had no choice but to go back. I totally forgot that I needed a card to swipe on the lift to get to my floor. Good thing they have staff on the floor that have key cards. They were very helpful and sent me on my way to our room.

After a few minutes when I got back to our room, the doorbell rang and our luggage finally arrived.

Here’s my husband feeding our very hungry little boy.


The Ms. Earth Beauty Pageant was happening the same day we checked in. The candidates were staying there as well so we would always have a beauty queen with us in the lift. I sent my husband on an errand with our son and it so happened that they stepped onto the lift that was filled with beauty queens from different countries. My husband said they all went crazy over the little one. My son even held hands with one of them. Such a chick magnet this little one…

We had a really great staycation in that hotel. My son was also very happy as well. It was his first time in a hotel. He rolled around the bed like crazy! We would definitely stay there again. The place is great, good location (in front of S&R and walking distance to Bonifacio High Street and the malls in its vicinity) and we had a really relaxing time there.

I will leave you with a photo of my then 5-month old little boy. He had fun sitting, crawling and rolling around this couch.


I will write more about this staycation in future posts.


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