Sunday, March 30, 2014

F1 Hotel–The Breakfast Buffet

This is part 3 of my series of posts about our staycation at F1 Hotel. We had a breakfast buffet there. Here are some photos of the food.


This was my plate. I loved the boneless bangus and the adobo. So good for breakfast! The tapa was alright but the bacon was terrible. It was soft and chewy! Oh, how I hate soft bacon!


MB got a similar plate.


I had some egg drop soup which I totally forgot to take a photo of until the last spoonful. This was good, by the way.


The arroz caldo was okay. Lots of ginger which I don’t like but it was delicious nevertheless. I love me some good arroz caldo! This is one of my favorite comfort foods.


Didn’t like the mini pancakes and waffle. They were cold and rubbery.


Didn’t like this sausage either. There are many dishes to choose from. I just wasn’t too hungry that day. Looking back, I wish I’d eaten more!

The waiters were friendly and attentive to the needs of the diners. I was checking out the food offerings when my son spat up. He did that a lot when he was younger. I thought it was GERD but the milk was the culprit. The waiter noticed it and immediately handed me a ton of napkins to wipe my son’s mouth. He also proceeded to wipe the floor and wipe the milk off my foot and I was wearing slippers! I was sooo embarrassed! I told him it was not necessary to do that but he just said it was okay. He wasn’t squeamish or anything about the whole ordeal. Even the chef had a good time talking and making faces with my son. They have really nice staff there.

Here’s my boy eating a slice of watermelon. He just loves fruits especially juicy ones.

nibbling on a watermelon

After breakfast, we went to the pool area to lounge a bit.


We are definitely going on another staycation this year.


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