Friday, March 14, 2014

The Best Bib We’ve Ever Tried


My son used to spit up a lot so we needed a steady supply of bibs. One day, while browsing the stuff at Tommee Tippee and Munchkin, my favorite SA suggested this silicone bib to me. It’s washable and folds up nicely. It’s great for travel. My son was too small for this bib when I bought it so he hated it. He would cry whenever I would put this on him. After a few months, he became bigger and so I tried this again. He liked it this time! Actually, he liked it so much that he kept on chewing it.

I like that pocket in front that catches all the food. I don’t need to worry about doing the laundry. This is constantly in our baby bag as it is really great for when we are outside. I only need to wash it or wipe it with some wet wipes and it’s clean again. The silicone material also does not hurt my baby’s sensitive skin.

This was a really good investment!


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