Sunday, April 27, 2014

Almon Marina for the New Year

For our New Year’s Eve dinner, we opted for Almon Marina because, well, we didn’t have a choice! Everyone else was closed early in preparation for the celebrations. Luckily, Almon Marina was still open otherwise we would not have any dinner…or we would have ordered room service. Here’s what we got.


Stuffed pork chop with rice pilaff, veggies and gravy for me. The pork chop has cheese and apples inside. I think this would have tasted better had I eaten it while it was still hot. We had a late dinner because we ate some snack at Max’s prior to buying our dinner.


The hubby, of course, ordered something safe – roasted chicken. He doesn’t like Almon Marina very much whereas my mom and I regularly eat there.


I ordered the pecan pie. MB thought it was weird. He ended up liking it and me disliking it.


Finally, my favorite fruit and nut salad!

*I still have so many backlog posts to publish so please bear with me.


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