Friday, April 25, 2014

Do NOT buy this garment bag!

Back in December, the local department store SM had a sale so I thought it was a great opportunity to buy garment bags for our upcoming trip in Singapore come February. I hoarded a lot of these garment bags to my utter disappointment.



It looks good so far right? Then this:


The sides were ripped and the zippers broken! I got 4 of these defective pieces! I was so mad and frustrated because I opened them 2 months after I purchased them! I couldn’t bring them back to be exchanged because the stores here have a 7-day exchange policy. Beyond that, you are stuck with a defective item. I was really so mad because I was running late in packing and was so stressed already. I needed to pack for myself, my husband and my son and it didn’t help that I got these broken products. I threw them away out of anger.


They were cheap at only Php140 and were even discounted because of the sale. I guess I got what I paid for. Earlier in the day, I wanted to buy garment bags from Beabi but decided to go the department store route to save money. I thought that I could use the money saved for our Singapore budget. I was wrong… Next time I will stick to Beabi for my packing needs.


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