Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mommy Must-Have


We have a huge baby bag. I like bringing a lot of stuff with me when we go out. I like to be prepared. We don’t always follow a perfect schedule so I really have to anticipate events. For example, if I decide to stay in the mall for only half a day, I would only need to bring a few diapers and one set of clothes for changing. But, when my husband texts and says to wait for him then what am I going to do? I don’t want to buy diapers or clothes out of budget.

Anyway, you get the point why I lug around a lot of things. Another thing that I always have is a pair of scissors in my bag because I use it for lots of things such as opening my baby’s snacks. You all know how annoying some food packaging are! I found this cute pair at National Bookstore. It’s pretty sharp and does the job. I will soon post a what’s in my bag baby edition so moms, stay tuned!


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