Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Greenbelt Place


Before the New Year arrived, we decided to go on another staycation to avoid the noise and air pollution. We didn’t want to risk our son getting allergies or something. We stayed at One Greenbelt Place. We chose this hotel because it was walking-distance to the malls. It was very convenient for my husband and I. We both had to work during the holidays so we needed food fast and other necessities fast.

The room was small compared to our usual rooms in other hotels but it sufficed. We mainly wanted to rest and have a good night’s sleep there which we got.

When you enter, you will find the bathroom to your left.


Then there’s the closet. Beside it is the mini “bar” and ref. I put my son’s stuff in the bar.


This served as our vanity/work/dining table:


The room was so messy as this was taken just a few minutes after we arrived. I just took out everything and dealt with the mess later in the evening.


This is MB taking a break and enjoying the


We had a good time there. It’s a very affordable hotel and the breakfast offering was really good. I hope I can find the photos. I will post them here as soon as I find them.

Here’s my junk, by the way



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