Thursday, April 10, 2014


My husband is not a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. He eats it but if given a choice, he will go for another cuisine. Sakura restaurant has been around in Glorietta for a long time but we’ve never eaten there. I finally convinced him to try it one day.

Here’s what we ordered:

Got to have my fill of edamame, of course.
I can’t always eat it because it will trigger my PM and Fibro but I like to enjoy it from time to time.


I think this is crunchy maki. I’m sorry, I can’t remember as this was from last year.


This was delicious. This was all my husband ate.


The ramen wasn’t good at all. They were too oily and bland. The broth lacked body. The broth is very important as it carries all the other ingredients.


My husband didn’t like them either. Next time I will try the tempura but I will probably be dining there alone.


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