Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter Review


I brought this tub of Chocomania body butter during our staycation in F1 last year. Like all the products in this line, this smelled like real chocolate. At first I didn’t like it but since I was using a lot of products in the line, my nose got used to the scent. I no longer feel like I’m slathering chocolate all over my body.

TBS body butters are generally good. They only differ in scents and the ingredients they put in. I love body butters as they just melt into my skin. They are also surprisingly light. I don’t feel sticky even during a hot day. I also like the fact that I can finish one tub in no time! I like finishing products quickly so that I can try another one right away. I have a few lotions, creams and body butter in my stash and I’d like to use them all up before they expire.

Will I buy this again? Nope but I will definitely buy other body butter variants from TBS again.


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