Sunday, April 20, 2014



I’ve been seeing this snack on TV a lot lately. I’ve tried this way back in December 2013 and I like it. I bought one big box that has 12 smaller boxes inside. I shared them with everyone.

I like this because it’s not messy to eat because the chocolate is inside rather than coating the pretzel sticks.


It’s also not too sweet but I am still not able to finish one box. A box comes with 2 packs. I also like that they packed the pretzels into two separate containers so that they won’t go soggy when not eaten in one sitting. I wish they can do this with Peppero.

Loved this snack but won’t be buying soon as we’ve had an overload. I think I still have one box left. Oh, and the big box came with a lot of fun stickers which I will use in my planner.


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