Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We love this baby wash!


We used to be big fans of Mustela baby wash but eventually, I noticed that my son had a funny smell when the afternoon rolls around. I used a different shampoo back then and it didn’t give him odd smells so I thought of changing his baby wash. I was right! The Mustela baby wash was the culprit.

The one in the photo was our first bottle. We are on our second bottle and I bought the biggest one this time. I just love the scent and my baby’s skin also smells nice even after playing a lot and sweating. It’s a different story though when it’s super hot and he is super active. He has been eating a wide variety of foods so he sweats like a grown up. He doesn’t stink but he needs to take a bath in the afternoon as he becomes sticky. It’s nothing that this Chicco No-Tears Bath Foam cannot fix.


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