Friday, May 30, 2014

Baking a Mini Chocolate Cake


It’s been so long since I last baked a cake. I found these silicone wares at Landmark on sale so I decided to buy them.


Silicone tools are a bit expensive so I was really glad that I got these at 20% off. I especially love this spatula. It’s so useful! I use it for cooking too!


We don’t have a baking oven. It’s more of a reheating oven so I had to do some trial and error. This cake wasn’t much to look at but boy was it delicious! My whole family enjoyed it.


This is a backlog post. I think I baked this cake way back in January. I haven’t baked since. It’s too hot to stay in the kitchen nowadays. But I’m sure that I will use the silicone cake mold again once it becomes cooler.


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