Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let’s Talk Beauty Part 2

Continuing my post about the Day-to-Night Clinique Makeup Workshop.

Here’s Jhonhelle answering questions and giving more advice to participants



This is my palette of choice. My favorite color is green and I’m not afraid to use color on my eyes. This palette is called On Safari.


Jhonhelle’s Expert Tip – “Get a piece of tissue, fold into half and use it like so to catch all the eye shadow fall outs and to make a perfect outer V.”

My Expert Tip – You can also use Scotch's Invisible Tape

See, perfect outer V!


Don’t forget to blend it out to get rid of harsh lines


Here’s my version. I didn’t use a tissue anymore because I’m lazy like that. The colors won’t show because it was too bright in my area. This isn’t finished yet, by the way. I forgot to take a photo of my finished look but you get the idea.


Guest MUA, Ms. Vida


A subtle cat eye for day, flick it out dramatically for night

Here’s the finished look!

Makeup 101:
1. Apply foundation on your face with a sponge or with your fingers, whichever is more convenient for you. Just be sure to start with clean hands and fingers.

2. Set the liquid foundation by dusting some loose powder. Jhonhelle swears by Clinique’s loose powder.

3. Start with the eyes. Apply eye primer.

Choose your palette. Start with the lightest shade and apply it all over your eyelid until the bottom of your brown bone. See palette for guide:


4. Apply the second shade on your outer V. Apply the third shade on the center of your lids as a highlight. You can skip the darkest shade and use it for night but I applied it at the the tip of the outer V and on my crease. Line your eyes.

5. Use a highlighter or a concealer pen under your brow for highlight.

Jhonhelle’s Expert Tip – “This product makes your eyes look brighter and more awake, just like what they do with Hollywood stars”

6. Fix your brows. Just follow your natural shape. Use a brown brow pen. You can use a slanted brush to define the lines. After that , use a spoolie to tame stray hairs.

7. Apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use sparingly to avoid looking like a clown! Try Clinique’s Cheek Pop for a natural flush.

8. Apply lipstick. If you have dry lips, don’t forget to apply lip balm first. Jhonhelle chose a raspberry shade for Elsa to make her lips pop against her subtle eye look.

Jhonhelle’s Expert Tip – “Use a bold lip color if you are using a neutral palette for your eyes to make your look more balanced and to make your features come alive.”


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