Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let’s Talk Beauty

In this week’s edition of What’s New at Clinique, I’ll be featuring the workshop we had yesterday at the Clinique counter in Rustan’s Makati. The workshop is about creating a day to night look and was conducted by none other than  Beauty Expert and resident MUA, Jhonhelle Jacinto.


This workshop is different because instead of just sitting around and watching Jhonhelle apply makeup on his muse, the participants were asked to apply the makeup on themselves. It was a very hands-on experience. This was a step-by-step tutorial starting with skincare.


This is the muse, Elsa. She is also a Clinique Beauty Consultant. She’s so pretty even with her bare face and her skin is flawless, courtesy of Clinique, of course.


Each participant was given a set of makeup brushes. These are my tools of the trade.


Makeup for everyone. My heart still flutters at the sight of pretty makeup


Sugar rush to get us excited about the event.

Having fun before the event starts

Here is Ms. Anya giving the opening remarks.

Let’s start!


Skin care 101:

1. Start with Clinique’s 3-step program – Cleanse, tone and moisturize but this time, set aside the moisturizing bit for just a while.

2. After applying your Clarifying Lotion, apply their newest product, Even Better Essence Lotion. More on this product soon.

3. After that, you can apply your moisturizer and eye cream. The Even Better Essence Lotion locks in moisture so it’s best to apply it before your moisturizer to get your skin ready to absorb all that moisturizing goodness.

4. You can also apply the Even Better Sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh UV/UVB rays.

Jhonhelle’s Expert Tip – “ Every great makeup starts with clean skin”

Invest in a good skin care routine and your makeup will always look great. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post.


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