Thursday, May 15, 2014

Natural Baby Sponge


I think wash cloths are too harsh for my baby so I set out to find a good bath sponge. I didn’t like the sponges available in the department store because they look like the sponge we use to wash our dishes. My search led me to Mothercare. I found this natural baby sponge.

It’s the perfect sponge for my baby. It does not irritate his sensitive skin. It also absorbs water/soap quite nicely. I can also easily rinse it . As it is a natural sponge, it disintegrates over time. I don’t really mind because for me, that’s an indicator that I need to change sponges.

One sponge lasts a long time. I recently bought several pieces so that I can keep some in my stockpile and don’t have to run out in the most inconvenient times.


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