Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pink Bagging It


I usually buy things that I have no present use for a number of reasons -
1. I can’t resist the packaging
2. The item itself is too cute to resist
3. It’s on sale and it would be stupid to ignore it
4. I may have a use for it in the future

Such was the fate of this mesh bag. I bought it without a definite use in mind. I don’t carry see-through bags for security purposes so I was thinking that this would be more for other not-so-valuable items such as books, pens, notebooks, etc.

It has been sitting in my room for a while and then just the other day I took out my Loom projects and finally figured out a use for this pink bag.


Now all my creations are in this bag. I sell these by the way and some of my other creations over in Etsy. I haven’t uploaded all my creations yet as I am still finding the time but I’ll get there eventually.

Pink mesh bag from Daiso


Love this bag and I will definitely have many uses for this in the future.

Lady E's Tip - You can also use this bag for the beach or when you're going swimming. 


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