Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real Women for Clinique

I chatted with a few ladies who attended the Clinique mini makeup workshop last week. Here are two of them.


Meet Ms. Lorna. She’s been using Clinique products for only a year but these products have made her a believer.

LadyE: What’s your favorite Clinique product and why?
Ms. Lorna: I can’t say I have one favorite product. I have several! The 3-step program, Dark Spot Corrector and the Serum
LadyE: Why do you like Clinique?
Ms. Lorna: I have sensitive skin and their products work well on me. Also, Beauty Consultant Baby’s service is outstanding.
LE: Why did you attend today’s event?
ML: I wanted to learn how to apply eyeshadow.


Next up is Ms. Eloisa. She has been using Clinique products for decades, back when she was still in her 20’s! And you could see the results. She still has very good looking skin.

I asked the same questions as above and here are her answers:

1. Moisturizer is her favorite product. It is definitely a must in her routine.
2. She likes Clinique products because they are hypoallergenic and allergy tested.
3. She attended the even to improve her makeup skills.

Finally, I talked to Ms. Tina who was very camera-shy so she declined a photo-op. Nevertheless, she was game with my questions. I also asked her the same questions.

1. Her favorite product is the Pore Refining Solution.
2. She likes Clinique because they feel natural on the skin and the products are easy to blend.
3. She attended today’s event to pamper herself a little and of course, to learn!

These women were such a joy to chat with. Although we all come from different age groups, we share a love for Clinique products. We all agree that Clinique is here to stay in our bathrooms and makeup vanities for a long, long time.


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