Monday, June 30, 2014

Afternoon Merienda

Merienda is very popular in the Philippines. It’s basically just an afternoon snack. I used to skip merienda before I became a mom. When I got pregnant, I needed to eat, of course. I thought it would end after I gave birth but until now, I still get hunger pangs in the afternoon. Probably because I do so much more now that I burn my food faster.

When we go to the mall, we would usually eat merienda because the little one needs his snack every now and then. On our first trip to Century City Mall, we ate at Rustan’s Gourmet to Go. I ordered the Mexican Macaroni.


Mom ordered a sandwich. The macaroni was too bland for my taste and the taco seasoning was too overwhelming. That’s all I could taste. Nevertheless, I finished this bowl because I hate wasting food.


It also had too much bell peppers.


Tropicana Twister for me, C2 for mom.


Mom and the little one checking out the deli and cheese display.


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