Sunday, June 22, 2014

Food Tripping in Singapore

Our flight was delayed so we were famished when we arrived in Singapore back in Feb. Fortunately, there was a Popeye’s near our hotel. This was on my to-visit list as I miss eating at Popeye’s.

I ordered the shrimps and biscuit. Hubby got the burger.



A few days after, we went to IKEA and of course, I had to have the Swedish meatballs.


Hubby got the fried chicken wings. I liked these but they had a very gamey taste. I will try this again when I go back.



Absolutely loved the bottled water. Brought an empty bottle home and used it to store my craft supplies. My son enjoyed both dishes. I didn’t know that the bottled baby food was free. It’s okay as my son prefers grown-up food.


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