Thursday, June 12, 2014

Have Beef, Will Stir Fry


I hate wasting food! Followers of my old food blog know this very well. That is why I stretch all leftover ingredients and even dishes until we finish all of them. Here is an example of one such dish.

I had some beef strips lying in the freezer. It’s very hard for me to cook beef because  I am scared that they will get tough so I perused our vegetable bin and found a few leftover ingredients – half a tray of snap peas, one carrot and a few French beans. So, I immediately thought, stir fry!

This was very easy to make. Just saute some chopped garlic and onions, add the beef strips, add the veggies and cook them on high heat. My sauce is a combination of water, light soy sauce and oyster sauce. I also sprinkled some black pepper. I am proud to say that this dish did not last more than one day . The leftover from lunch was brought to the office by my husband for his lunch.


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