Friday, June 13, 2014

I Need My Veggies


I have a ton of backlog food posts in my archives so please bear with me if you are waiting for my fashion and beauty posts. I promise to inject them every now and then (that means more than one post a day) so stay tuned!

When I cook pasta, it usually means that I’m too tired to cook or there is nothing left to cook in the fridge and pantry. This was not such a day.

I cooked the pasta using a basic recipe and used some leftover hotdogs. I thought I’d add some veggies because I was getting sick of meat already so I steamed some veggies and tossed them in some butter. I also seasoned them with salt and pepper. Finally, my husband had to have his buttered garlic toast so I prepared that as well. Quick, easy and delicious!


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