Monday, July 21, 2014

Food Adventures

I have so much food posts to share with you and I’m running waaay behind. As a matter of fact, these photos are from May. So, I thought I’d just share several with you in one post.

I will also write a short review for new foods that I try and also some recipes. I have so much backlog stuff that when it’s time to write about them, I’ve already forgotten the recipe. I think this new system will help.

food adventures

Wedge fries // onion rings // jerk chicken // seafood dimsum // leche flan // chicken pan de sal

I love these wedge fries from Burger King. Sadly, they are no longer available. Please bring them back! I also enjoy their onion rings from time to time.

This jerk chicken was delicious! It doesn’t look much but I really liked it. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the recipe.

These are seafood dumplings from Century. We didn’t like them and it took a long time to finish one box.

This leche flan is from Rustan’s Gourmet to Go. It was good and very affordable. Enough to satisfy my leche flan cravings. I would buy this again.

Finally, this chicken pan de sal that had non-existent fillings. There just wasn’t enough. I also got them from the Rustan’s bakery.


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