Thursday, July 24, 2014

Food Fun

food fun

I have a ton of food photos that I’d like to share with you. Foodies from my old food blog are definitely enjoying these.

I love burger steaks and we had a ton of leftover patties so I decided to make a white sauce to go with them. Just use all-purpose cream and season it and add some mushrooms.

I love kani salad. This one is from Tokyo Tokyo. I like the one from Yoshinoya better.

I found this TamaYaki kiosk at Landmark food court. My sister was raving about their takoyaki. I am not a huge fan of takoyaki because I don’t like the taste of tako (octopus). She said they had many fillings to choose from. I chose the shrimp and kani filling. I made the mistake of choosing the combination sauce of spicy and regular. It was too spicy for my taste. I couldn’t enjoy the takoyaki but they showed promise. Next time I will try them again with just the regular sauce.

The honey lemon juice was also great. It was too sweet for me but I’m sure that can be remedied next time. 

Finally, I can eat hummus every day! I just love it and I love how healthy it is! I got a tub of hummus from Rustan’s Gourmet to Go in Century City.


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