Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Guess I don’t Have a Sense of Humor


I found this huge bottle of Bed Head TIGI Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Shampoo at S&R. It was a packaged deal with a conditioner. I’ve long wanted to try this product and it was fortunate that I had the budget for it.

It was a huge disappointment. This shampoo makes my hair dry and rough. It’s also a tangled mess after showering. I have a hard time combing it and I’m already using a wide-toothed comb from Goody. I have curly hair so I just skip combing whenever I use this shampoo.

The scent is orange which I like but the likes end there. I don’t shampoo every day so I can really observe what this does to my hair. I’ve also noticed that I get a lot of hair fall whenever I use this shampoo. It’s not exactly cheap so I’m still using it from time to time.

It says on the packaging that you need to have a sense of humor to use their products. I guess I don’t have one.


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