Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Isla Cafe

Back when Century City was newly opened, my mom and I would frequent the place. There’s this small kiosk in front of the supermarket that sold puto (rice cakes). It’s called Isla Café. I looked at the menu and saw that they also served arroz caldo and pancit. I wanted to try the food but they didn’t have chairs. They had bar tables and I wouldn’t be able to eat while carrying my baby so we would just go pass by it.

Soon after, they put tables and chairs so I eagerly asked my mom if she wanted to try the food there. She said yes.


Mom ordered this pancit dish. She didn’t really like it as it was too garlicky for her taste. She likes garlic but this was just too much.


I ordered arroz caldo which is my ultimate comfort food. I was really disappointed with this as it had too much garlic and ginger. That’s all I could taste. It was also served scalding hot so I really didn’t enjoy it.

We never went back to that café again. So disappointing…


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