Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mommy and Zac’s Craft Corner

My son and I have been doing a lot of crafting. I am a total crafter and I have been crafting ever since I could hold a pair of scissors and glue with my hands. I like all sorts of crafts so it is no surprise that my son likes crafting too.

Being a mommy to a toddler is hard work. Most of my time is devoted to him so I needed to find a way to get things done while taking care of him/keeping an eye on him. One day, I decided to make “craft time”. I included him in all of my projects. We’ve been doing a lot of crafts together so I thought I’d share them with you starting with today’s craft:


We like puppets. I like to make stories featuring our finger puppets. They just make the stories more exciting. I also give them funny voices so that  they can “talk” to the little one. This keeps him engaged.

For today’s project, we made a giraffe. It’s very easy to make. Here’s what you need:
*felt (not felt paper. get the real thing)
*double sided tape
*beads for the eyes
*needle and thread
*one-hole puncher

You can get a pattern on the Internet for this project. It will be so much easier or you can just draw one. You just need to cut 2 pieces of yellow felt to serve as the giraffe’s head and body. The back portion will include the ears. Sew the bead eyes on the front as well as the white felt that will serve as the snout.

Cut out 2 ossicones (antler/horn) from white felt. Sandwich them between the top yellow felt and the bottom yellow felt and sew everything together. Don’t forget to leave an opening for your finger at the bottom.

Punch out circles for the giraffe’s nose and his spots using a one hole puncher. Stick them to the body with double sided tape. You should also use the same puncher for the tape so that the sizes are even. It’s a bit tricky to remove the tape’s cover but if you’ve got long nails, it won’t be a problem.

Your giraffe is now finished! Have fun with your kids making and playing with your very own giraffe finger puppet!

This project is recommended for kids 7+ years old because it involves tiny parts and needles. Be sure to supervise your little ones if you want them to do this project. I mentioned that my son was involved in this project. Since he is only 1, I only allowed him to play with the felt and the cut strings. Strings are a strangulation hazard so be careful. When he got bored with the felt, he proceeded to play with his other toys and he was contented playing beside me. We usually play and do crafts on the floor so that we can sit together. That way he feels that he is involved in Mommy’s Work.

Let me know if you’ll make this project. Leave a link to your site or send me photos so that I can feature them here. Happy Crafting!


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