Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quenching My Thirsty skin


Most readers of my old blog know that I have super dry skin so it’s only normal for me to switch lotions from time to time.

I bought a set of Honeymania body products from The Body Shop a while back and one of the items was this body butter. I really enjoyed this product. It smells really nice. I love the smell of honey so I did not hesitate in buying this even when there were no testers available.

The quality is like the other TBS body butters. It was very good in keeping my skin hydrated. It melts like butter and easily gets absorbed by my skin. I packed this in my suitcase every time we traveled. I never used this at home.

I’m really happy with this product but TBS has some new offerings so I guess I’ll be skipping buying this for a while.


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